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Welcome to Filadelfia, a center of hospitality and culture!

It is with great pleasure that we are going to deal with the organization of the European Music Competition, City of Filadelfia, Special Prize Paolo Serrao, now a world-class event,which will take place in May 2013. The quality of music, especially in our land in the last few years, has increased thanks to the invaluable and tireless of thousands of enthusiasts. It is no longer a matter for only a niche listener but instead has gained an important place in the music scene. The Competition will not only bring the formations and individual musicians, but intends to present the public with the characteristics and differences of each group and repertoire. All in the beautiful surroundings of this picturesque town of Calabria, known for its original beauty: "The proposed shape was spontaneously the most simple: a square, then articulated as a Greek cross, with a central square and four identical quadrants divided into lots of equal size, cut by four axles that finish with four doors. The only variation was in the portion of space allocated to each, according to the acquired social status."

For the Groups

The City of Filadelfia has small hotels that are good for individuals and small groups. So we decided to accommodate you in hotels located in the area of Tropea, a town nestled along the Costa degli Dei (Coast of the Gods), a charming seaside town famous for its beaches, not far from Filadelfia headquarters of the competition. We are confident that you will appreciate our beautiful land. Good food, beautiful beaches and great hospitality. We wait to celebrate together a moment of music and friendship.

In addition, you can plan your trip excursions to:

Boarding for the Aeolian islands (Isole Eolie) is from the port of Tropea.
The Aeolian Islands take their name from the god Aeolus, there are seven scattered along the northeastern coast of Sicily, scattered as to form a large Y. Vulcano is the lower extremity and Alicudi and Stromboli the two peaks, respectively, are further west and further east.

They were selected as the "seven pearls of the Mediterranean", because they are extraordinarily fascinating islands. These volcanoes are always active and when you approach, you cannot help but be encouraged to explore them. Lipari, the largest of the Aeolian islands and also the most varied, is a must for tourists. Worth visiting the historical center, in particular the Cathedral of St. Bartholomew and the Archaeological Museum. The tour lasts all day, the departure is scheduled in the morning from the port of Tropea and allows the boat tour of Lipari and Vulcano, and in addition a short stop in Stromboli.

Bronze Statues (Bronzi di Riace)

The Bronze Statues are two bronze statues, originating from Greece and are of extreme
rarity. Dating back to the fifth century BC, and were found in Riace, in the province of
Reggio Calabria in 1972. Currently the bronze Statues are kept at the National Museum of
Magna Grecia in Reggio Calabria. - Associazione Melody

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